Miss Jappa Japanese Restaurant, Lisbon

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MISS JAPPA is a Japanese cuisine restaurant

An irreverent, informal place that transports us to the pulsating atmosphere of Tokyo and challenges us to taste and share different Japanese dishes, in surprising options that go beyond Sushi. A restaurant that personifies the current culture of Japan, where traditions break for modernity, translating a pop and urban imaginary.


Since its inauguration in 2016 and inspired by Sofia Coppola's film "Lost in Translation," MISS JAPPA maintains a very unique identity, presenting influences of Japan's current culture in all its dimensions. Both in space and in menus of food and drink, the classic joins the cosmopolitan to offer a genuine and authentic concept, seeking to be a sensory ground, for experimentation, for agreement and disagreements, for interpretations and reinterpretations. Whether in the restaurant or on the outdoor terrace / garden, you can relax and enjoy an aperitif in the late afternoon in the heart of Lisbon, with a vibrant atmosphere of Japan.


Among the novelties of the menu, which extend to the cocktails, are several reinterpretations to the Japanese flavors, following the maximum "Translating Flavors", resulting in authentic and surprising dishes that go far beyond sushi.



Suggestions for starters

In the straters, we suggest the Steamed bread with teriyaki salmon, arugula and pickled daikon, a japanese junk food capable of clearing all the senses.



Main courses and desserts

For the main dishes, we highlight the fresh Kinuta 3 fishes, with three different fish and sesame sauce. In the desserts, you can delight in the loaf of bread and fresh cream, a balanced sweet option that translates into a light and yet consistent cake.



To go beyond

Finally, to accompany this gastronomic experience, we propose a generous Martini Rosato with orange and tonic water, or the Shisô baby non-alcoholic cocktails - which combines pineapple, lemon juice, shisô and sparkling water - and Sparkling lemonade - with lemon juice, basil, cucumber and sparkling water.


With an admirable course in the restaurant, culminating in the development of the menu of its 3rd anniversary, Chef Anna Lins passes the kitchen management into the hands of Chef Rui Santos. With proofs given in Portugal and abroad, where he integrated the team of several Japanese restaurants, Rui Santos is now leading the kitchen of MISS JAPPA, after three years as sub chef